Painting and Decorating in Swiss Cottage

This is a painting and decorating job we recently completed in Swiss Cottage, North West London. The rooms to be painted had been re-plastered and the woodwork was new. Despite the shoddy work of the builders before us we managed to prepare and paint everything to a high standard. And with 12 hour shifts and a full 7 days on site we also managed to complete it within the 1 week deadline.

Painting and Decorating in Swiss Cottage, North West London

German Painter Decorator in Swiss Cottage, North West London. Painting and Decorating from £120 per room inclusive Dulux paint

This project, painting and decorating in Swiss Cottage, was a tricky one. We had anticipated that there would be quite a bit of work needed. We had therefore allowed plenty of time to complete the work. What we found when we arrived at this job in London NW3 came as a bit of a surprise to us.

All of the rooms and staircases to be decorated had been refitted. There were freshly plastered walls and new woodwork, as well as new build-in wardrobes. We did expect this and had included this in the quote. What we didn’t anticipate was the shoddy workmanship of the plasterers and carpenters.

This had obviously been done at a budget and none of the woodwork did fit. There where gaps everywhere, nothing was straight and the drawers inside the wardrobe had been fitted in a way which made it impossible to remove and paint them. The plasterwork had cracks and gaps around the edges and had been smudged onto the wood work. The wood on the new staircase had been damaged when it was hammered into place because it didn’t fit, etc., etc..

We had planned to spend a total of four 8 hour shifts on this painting and decorating project in North West London. In order to complete it on time, we did end up working seven 12 hour shifts in a row. Despite all this we still managed to bring it in on budget and within our 1 week deadline. However there where some parts which no amount of prep work could bring up to a decent standard. This goes to show that it is not wise to just hire the cheapest guys without checking what their finished work looks like.

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