We’ve been Painting and Decorating in Angel, North London

This week saw us painting and decorating in Angel, North London, giving a 2-bed flat is own distinctive look. The new owners wanted something modern but still liveable and so decided to paint soft grey feature walls in the master bedroom, living room and hallway.

Painting and Decorating in Angel, North London

With block colour feature walls, any small lump or bump really stands out so the walls need to be prepared to a very high standard. In this job we didn’t have to contend with any major defects, just a couple of small touch ups here and there. If you would like feature walls but you’re in an old house or the walls are unevenly finished, our advice as professional painter/decorators would be to hang patterned wallpaper instead of painting in block colours – the pattern distracts the eye from any small defects in the surface of the wall.

Having said that, if you have your heart set on coloured feature walls then we are always willing to put in the extra prep work to get the walls really smooth

We also really like the soft grey in the hallway, it is light enough keep space feeling open but it is just dark enough to hide the inevitable wear and tear in this high-traffic area. After managing to squeeze in the time to paint and decorate a flat in busy, London-based lives, it’s good to know that the space will remain fresh for that little bit longer.

Painter and Decorator in Angel, North London. Price Work from £120 Per Room

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