We’ve been Painting and Decorating in Leyton.

We been busy painting and decorating in Leyton / East London.The client just had all the rooms re-plastered and new ceiling roses and cornice fitted and now needed the house decorated.

Painting and Decorating in Leyton - London

German Painter Decorator in Leyton – London. Painting and decorating from £120 per room inclusive Dulux paint

Painting and decorating in Leyton – London. This was a very nice nad relatively easy job for us. All the work from previous trades had been carried out to a high quality standard. The clients had researched the other trades well and though they didn’t come cheap, the results were very good.

The house had been re-plastered with new cornicing and ceiling roses. The woodwork had been completely replaced except for the banister. Since there was hardly any filling or repairs to do, this painting and decorating job in Leyton – London didn’t take too long to complete.

After priming the walls and woodwork as well as making good in a few places, we painted everything in the colours the client chose. As usual all white paints and other materials where included in the fixed price we gave. We also supplied the colours at cost with no surcharge for sourcing them.

We edges in this place were especially tricky at this painting and decorating project in Leyton – London. This is because of the high contrast in the colour. There were also quite a few of them and some in tricky place like the ceilings. We really enjoyed this little challenge. As you can see in the close-up photos all the edges.

We are always ready to take on new projects painting and decorating in Leyton or other parts of London. If you are in need of a German painter decorator in London then please call, email, or use the Reply From below to get in touch. The for can also be used for general questions and comments

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